All the Features and Applications of ZINCALUME® Steel

Blog | February 9th, 2022

Different types of steel are maximised by various industries due to their accompanying properties.

For one, they are strong and durable. Their high strength to weight ratio allows them to become solid and stable throughout their service life. Another property of steel materials is they are lightweight. Light steel materials grant manufacturers and customers significant savings in terms of processing and transporting them. Steel materials are also flexible, resistant to elements, and energy-efficient.

The general properties of steel are then enhanced once it is combined with other elements. One type of steel that is being utilised by industries today is ZINCALUME ® steel. It is a zinc/aluminium alloy that maximises a unique clear resin surface finish.

Key Features of ZINCALUME® Steel

Given the primary composition of ZINCALUME® steel, it can easily boast features beneficial to various manufacturers and industries. Some notable features of this material are as follows:

  • Durable– One notable feature of ZINCALUME® steel is that it is durable. Zinc is known for its ability to provide galvanic protection. Aluminium, alternatively, is popular for its barrier protection. Combining the two elements into one then allows ZINCALUME® steel to be strong enough to withstand various environmental elements like heat, moisture, and others.
  • Long-Lasting– ZINCALUME® steel, as stated before, has a special type of finish that makes it exceptional. With its clear resin surface finish, this type of steel can be easily protected from wear. This special layer can likewise preserve the appearance of the ZINCALUME® steel, allowing it to look the same in the long run.
  • Energy-Efficient– Compared to other materials, ZINCALUME® steel can benefit many industries thanks to its low thermal mass. Its ability to reflect a huge amount of sunlight prevents its heat from being transmitted to a property or other intended applications.
  • Eco-Friendly – One more great thing about ZINCALUME® steel that makes it advantageous for a lot of industries is it is environmentally friendly. During its processing, ZINCALUME® steel does not yield waste that is normally present with other metals. It is also recyclable, which can be a great way of reducing the need to extract raw metal elements from the ground.

Applications of ZINCALUME® Steel

There are a lot of products that can be produced using ZINCALUME® steel. Some of these products are the following:

  • Doors and Window Frames– Door and window frames are products that can surely maximise the features of ZINCALUME® steel. When used for these products, property owners can ensure that their doors and windows will be corrosion-resistant, termite-proof, cost-effective, and non-combustible.
  • Pipe Cladding– Pipe cladding is another product that can utilise the features of ZINCALUME® steel. Once this material is used, the processing industry is ensured to have efficient thermal insulation for their piping. Pipe cladding out of this material can then be used for boilers, turbines, and others.

Other products that can be made from ZINCALUME® steel are rolling shutters, drywall partitions, solar modules, roofs, and walls.

To know more about this material, you can call us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators.

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