Customised Safety Machine Guards: The Importance of High Quality Fabrication Job

Blog | May 27th, 2020

Metal fabrication is a type of metal creation process that involves intricate and complex tasks. From cutting, bending, to the final assembly, metal fabrication requires the use of high-quality machines and equipment to get everything done.

Businesses related to metal fabrication works usually invest in efficient, safe, and performance-ready machines like computer electronics, robotics systems, and mechanical equipment. While they are already equipped with some security and safety features, the presence of customised safety machine guards for the machines can effectively amplify their protection along with the safety of employees. The chances of getting machine-related risks are also minimised with safety machine guards.

Technically speaking, customised safety machine guards are physical barriers that can control a machinery environment. They are used as an addition to the existing safety features of the machines that will help protect the overall business. The importance of using customised safety machine guards in maintaining high quality fabrication jobs include:

Security Improvements

One great importance of customised safety machine guards is that they significantly improve the security of the fabrication processes. Machine guards typically feature limited access gateways and entry points so that those who do not have appropriate credentials will not gain access to dangerous and sensitive components of a machine. They also provide security not only on the data information aspect of the fabrication but also for the physical system itself.

Optimisation of the Site

All the processes involved in fabrication jobs must be optimised for optimal results. With customised safety machine guards, any facilities that revolve around manufacturing, data management, and others can maximise profitability and boost performance. The presence of hazardous areas will be significantly minimised once the safety machine guards are in place, which ultimately improves the facility layouts and workflows of the business.

Regulation of Contaminants

Some equipment and machines will always generate debris whenever they operate at their maximum capacity. While some of the debris can be contained and transported to a specific location, others tend to just drift and thrown out to people or other equipment. The throwing action of the debris can be dangerous for employees since some of them might be sharp enough to inflict damage. Safety machine guards, thankfully, can complement any containment plan for everyone’s safety.

Minimising Accidents

Machines used in delicate jobs often cause accidents due to human error, damaged components, and others. Due to the nature of some fabrication processes, accidents will most likely happen regularly, especially if the equipment involved is not safeguarded. Fortunately, safety machine guards are equipped with metal screens and steel panels that can help protect high-risk areas of a machine. Once equipped with these guards, any common injuries and associated claims can be prevented.

Control of Temperature

Aside from controlling the damages that can be inflicted due to accidents, safety machine guards can also control the temperature of the machines. Some machines must operate within a certain temperature for them to provide optimal performance. And with the presence of the machine guards, the insulative properties of the guards’ materials and overall components will help the machines operate at an optimal temperature.

With customised safety machine guards, your fabrication job will be safer and more protected against the effects of accidents and mishaps. For your customised safety machine guard needs, feel free to contact us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators.

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