General Metal Fabrication Services in Melbourne

Blog | August 17th, 2018

When it comes to top-notch metal fabrication services in Melbourne, there’s no need to scour a hundred web pages. Instead of blindly searching around, check out a company that’s known for its fully-equipped shop floor, plus a degree of seasoned expertise that ensures a solution to any list of project specs. An unbiased decision is best, of course, so let’s see what kind of services should be on offer.

Broadly Sourced Fabrication Materials 

A client-centric mission statement comes before all else. Simply put, client satisfaction is paramount. Now, having said that, what kind of metal fabrication services would an expert metal fabrication workshop have on the floor? Staying unbiased, we start with the sourced metal. Aluminium forming work has to rate highly here, but a versatile workshop won’t get far if it sticks to one alloy family. At the very least, the metal forming tools need to be able to bend, cut, and other profile aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel.

General Metal Fabrication Services 

Think of sheet steel or lengths of extruded aluminium. Supplied as raw materials, the McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators team gets the job done. And yes, the moment has come to stop talking about a generic, unbiased fabrication company. Giving the service its name and identity, we can start looking at top quality workmanship and the equipment that supports those skills. Bending and cutting operations top the list. Abrasive tools and cutting blades partner with brake press machines and folding equipment to imbue raw metal pieces with sophisticated profiles. Then there are intricate machine-working stations to drill holes, add die-cut threads, shave and deburr sharp edges, and to assemble the final product, as specified by the client.

Furnishing a Sophisticated Fabrication Layout 

Of course, any old machine shop can cut and bend a piece of sheet metal. To separate a superior metal fabrication shop from the pack, a truly desirable Melbourne-based machine shop has to have more tools in a larger, more advanced toolkit. The cutting can be done by guillotine, but laser cutting equipment is on call for those who demand ultimate precision. Simple bends, as applied by a double or triple roll machine can impart incredibly controlled bend radii. Then, finishing the project, the moment arrives to assemble the product. This is where threaded joints connect, fasteners tie together, and perfectly welded MIG or TIG seams are applied by skilled technicians.

As seen here, fully-equipped metal fabrication services are masters of their trade. Their shop floors also tend to include dozens of different, highly functional machine types. From sourcing different alloy families to bending, cutting, and otherwise forming intricate product profiles, McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabrication services, a Melbourne-based company, can expertly carry out all types of general metal forming work.


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