Key Advantages of Installing Metal Stairs and Stair Treads

Blog | October 25th, 2021

Multistorey buildings and structures often maximise staircases to ensure that people can reach their intended destinations inside the properties. While elevators are often integrated into these properties, they are still constructed so that people can attain reliable and stable pathways during emergencies.

Staircases have been effective in providing safe passageways thanks to their primary composition. Some notable parts of staircases include treads, risers, landings, and balustrades. Most of these parts can be made from different materials. A lot of properties maximise staircases made from concrete since it can easily take various form factors. Others, alternatively, use staircases out of wood due to their classy appeal. But another staircase material that is being utilised by many properties today is metal.

More and more buildings are now leaning towards metal staircases as they boast many advantages to property owners. Some of the advantages of metal staircases are as follows:

Dependable Durability

One key advantage of installing metal staircases on your building is that they are significantly durable. Staircases made from wood, carpet, and other materials tend to obtain signs of wear quickly as time passes. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, these staircases can still accumulate damages that may not be easily resolved. Opting for metal staircases, alternatively, prevents you from attaining these issues as they can withstand extreme temperatures and other outdoor elements. They can even resist high amounts of pressure, allowing people to just use them without any worries.

Guaranteed Versatility

Some property owners opt for wood and other classic materials thanks to their classy looks. However, they cannot conveniently fit all types of properties due to design and layout differences. As for metal staircases, they can suit any property due to their versatility. With the right metal fabrication company, your metal staircases can boast designs that are unique and can match your preferences. You can likewise opt for metal staircases in straight, spiral, or curved form factors. Their railings and treads can also be customised based on your liking, which can help you save a lot of money.

Superb Slip Resistance

One more advantage of installing metal staircases is that they have superb slip resistance. Metal staircases, as previously stated, are known to be versatile. Hence, they can take any shape, surface finish, and other specifications that can fit into your preferences. And unlike other types of staircases, metal staircases can feature parts that have perforations. Metal staircases can likewise boast surface finishes in chequered patterns. Both variations of metal staircases can easily prevent fall injuries and accidents as their surfaces can resist slip.

Overall, metal staircases can last longer due to their strong primary composition. They are likewise versatile, granting you staircases that fit the appeal of your property. Ultimately, metal staircases are safe, preventing anyone from obtaining injuries.

If you need to install metal staircases, you can call us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators. We are specialists in prototype and short-run sheet metal projects so we can do anything from a simple job to something complex that requires sheet metal to be cut, folded, or welded to certain specifications.

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