Metal Fabrication Finishing Process: What are the Advantages of Powder Coating?

Blog | January 28th, 2021

One of the most important steps in metal fabrication is the finishing process. All metal fabrication projects end with this specific process as it helps metal products obtain added protection, possess chemical resistance, and integrate other valuable properties.

There are numerous types of finishing that can be used for metal products. But one specific finishing that can be truly beneficial for metal products is powder coating. Powder coating is a type of decorative and protective finish that maximises dry plastic powder in coating the surface of a metal. The dry plastic powder is electrostatically sprayed to the metal product, giving it numerous features on which other finishes do not possess. Some of the advantages of powder coating are as follows.

Enhanced Durability

Metal products that undergo powder coating can easily possess enhanced durability. Compared to other finishes, powder coated metal products are known to be more resistant to chipping, scratching, wearing, and fading. They also do not corrode or rust, making them great for applications that are filled with corrosive elements. And with their surfaces’ added protection and beautiful appearance, the properties of the metal products remain intact despite being used repetitively, minimising upkeep and maintenance. The powder coating truly allows metal products to be long lasting.

Minimised Hazards

Aside from minimising upkeep and maintenance, the powder coating process can also reduce health hazards and harmful effects on the environment. Powder coating process does not rely on solvent, reducing the chances of operators having nose, mouth, and throat irritation. This particular finishing also does not cause skin irritation among operators. So, even if the powders come into contact with their skin, they can easily be removed by warm water. As for the environment, the whole process of powder coating does not release volatile organic compounds to the air, cutting the number of pollutants in the air.

Reduced Work Time

Another great advantage of powder coating compared to other finishing is that it can cut the overall production time of metal products. It can also cut a lot of time in curing, processing, and drying. One reason behind the faster production time of powder coating is that it does not utilise solvent. Additionally, powder coated metal products can be left to cure for just under ten minutes before packaging and shipping to clients. The faster production times of powder coating allow the manufacturers to decrease overall assembly time as well as the number of parts being processed in staging areas.

Improved Savings

Compared to other finishing processes, powder coating allows manufacturers to reduce expenses. Since numerous steps are skipped with powder coating, manufacturers do not have to spend more money on additional pieces of equipment. The materials used for the entire powder coating are also cheaper compared to the requirements needed by other finishing. Even the storage for all the things needed for this certain finishing only takes up less space, which can already promote substantial savings.

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