Notable Benefits and Applications of Plasma Cutting Machines

Blog | September 29th, 2021

When it comes to cutting metals, manufacturers can maximise a wide array of machines. One of the machines that they can utilise is the plasma cutting machine.

A plasma cutting machine works by transporting a pressurised gas into a small channel. The centre of this channel then houses a negatively charged electrode, which can be powered to produce a spark. The spark will subsequently heat the pressured gas until it becomes a stream of directed plasma. The generated plasma can, ultimately, be used to reduce certain metal parts into molten slag. The machine can continue to perform the cutting process if the plasma stays in contact with the workpiece, sufficient power is supplied, and the cut is protected from oxidation.

This type of machine is often utilised by many manufacturers and industries due to its associated benefits. Here are some benefits and applications of the machine that you should know.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma cutting machines have been very popular among manufacturers due to the benefits they can bring. Some of the notable benefits of these machines are as follows:

  • Reduce Downtimes – One great benefit of plasma cutting machines is that they can reduce downtimes. Tons of cutting machines can cut different types of metal materials. But when it comes to high-hardness metal materials, these machines tend to become ineffective. The tools used to cut them would often become dull, which would then lead to the formation of hazardous sparks and metal chips. Plasma cutting machines, alternatively, can cut high-hardness metal materials without forming any of the previously stated issues. They can even work non-stop without replacing their tooling.
  • Lessen Heat Stress – Another benefit of plasma cutting machines is that they can lessen heat stress. Thermal-based cutting tools can transfer a huge amount of thermal energy to workpieces. As a result, the workpieces’ properties may become altered. In some instances, however, the distribution of heat can be uneven, which would make the workpieces brittle. Plasma cutting machines, fortunately, can effectively minimise heat stress, preventing workpieces from warping.
  • Accelerates Projects – One more associated benefit of plasma cutting machines is that they can accelerate cutting jobs or projects. These machines do not need preheating. They likewise do not require constant tooling replacement as they do not have cutting edges. The absence of these additional processes allows manufacturers to come up with their needed products without any delays. They can likewise enjoy faster project completion by utilising plasma cutting machines.

Plasma Cutting Machines’ Key Uses

With the benefits associated with plasma cutting machines, different manufacturers and industries can truly maximise them in a lot of ways.

Various contractors who require working in the field can effectively bring them due to their small and portable form factor. Plumbers, for instance, can maximise the machines in cutting pipes. HVAC professionals, alternatively, can use the machines installing sheet metals. Those who repair metal products, finally, can also maximise plasma cutting machines in doing their jobs.

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