Perforated Sheet Metal Products and Materials: Common Uses and Applications

Blog | December 7th, 2018

Perforated sheet metal is a special type of metal that has been stamped, punched or otherwise fabricated into a pattern featuring holes or cut-outs. Typically this process is done by a machine that is operated by a specialty fabrication company. Perforated sheet metal is used for a wide variety of different products in as many different industries as you could possibly name. While perforated sheet metal might not be a widely known term, it is definitely an important one. Today, we are going to outline some of the most common uses and applications of perforated sheet metal in today’s major industries.

Perforated Sheet Metal – Uses and Applications

Perforated sheet metal is absolutely integral to a number of different major industries which we will get into at a later point in this discussion. We want to first start by pointing out that perforated metal can be comprised of a variety of different metal components. From stainless steel and galvanized steel to aluminium, copper, and titanium, the choices can seem endless. The type of metal that you choose for perforation will depend on your industry and the application that you are aiming it toward.

Typically, perforated sheet metal is revered due to the fact that the process has been perfected to such a degree that production is quick and painless. The major contributing factors to production include the gauge of the metal, the size of the perforation, the type of metal that you choose and where the perforated metal will be installed or otherwise utilised.

Now that we have an idea as to how perforated metal is put together, we can outline some of the key uses and applications that it can commonly be associated with. Let’s start by highlighting a couple of the major industries that rely on perforated metal in order to get their goods and services to market.

1) Architecture – Perforated metal is essential when designing signs, cladding and infill panels.

2) Food & Beverage – There is almost no end to the different elements of the food and beverage production industry that utilises perforated metal. You’ll find perforated metal to be integral to developing vegetable presses, cheese molds and grain dyers to at least begin with. Perforated sheet metal can be found in every major food and beverage warehouse in the world.

3) Automobile Industry – Perforated sheet metal is also ideal for use in the auto production world. You’ll see perforated metal any time that you look underneath the hood or inside of a vehicle. From radiator grilles to engine ventilation and air filtration, perforated sheet metal gets the job done.

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