Sheet Metal Notching: Things You Need to Know

Blog | March 11th, 2019

In the world of sheet metal fabrication, there are many different services that do many different things. Today, we are going to be swinging our focus toward a lesser talked about a subject known as sheet metal notching. Sheet metal notching is integral to our business but it is relatively misunderstood. Let’s add a little bit of light to sheet metal notching so that you can understand exactly what you need when you have to call a sheet metal fabricator.

Sheet Metal Notching: What Is It?

Sheet metal notching is a relatively simple process that makes up the backbone of a vast amount of our services. This metal-cutting process requires the use of sheet metal in the hands of a professional fabricator. Sheet metal notching is all about shearing or punching pieces of metal from the surrounding edges of the bulk piece of the sheet metal. There are several key characteristics of a quality sheet metal notch that you need to understand:

1) Exterior Cut
– A correctly produced notch will be taken only from the outside edges of the primary workpiece. This is accomplished by shearing, cutting, or punching the metal.

2) Angled Notch – Typically, notching is performed at specific angles so as to promote the ability to work the sheet metal. The reason that the angle is so important is that you will likely later use this sheet metal as part of another process.

3) Follows Patterns
– Finally, a quality notch will be made according to the exact pattern required for the next step in the process. The primary worker will need to follow the exact pattern as laid out before them in order to make the notching process successful.

Sheetmetal notching is a relatively simple process that is still absolutely integral to the industry. Typically, notches are made with care in preparation for folding or conjoining to other pieces of metal in order to further the overall project. There are several different types of notching techniques that include: tube notching, end notching, side notching, and bending. Each of these processes are considered important for specific tasks, depending on what needs to be accomplished.

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