Steel Hoppers Fabrication for Industrial Applications

Blog | September 24th, 2019

Have you ever found yourself employed at a warehouse? Maybe you’ve gone on a tour through an industrial planet. In either event, you’ve likely found yourself staring down on a collection of steel hoppers. Steel hoppers are pivotal components in the manufacturing process. Without these hoppers, warehouses wouldn’t be able to move their materials along in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. When it comes to finding the right hopper for the job, sometimes you need to have the perfect model fabricated for you. In this situation, you are going to want to call on the team at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators.

Steel Hopper Fabrication for Industrial Use

A steel hopper is a large bin that is meant to help process dry materials. Whether you are installing a storage hopper into your food processing plant or a warehouse dedicated to manufacturing tools, you’ll probably find your way to a steel hopper. These hoppers are shaped like funnels and are ideal for quickly pushing along a material into another section of the manufacturing area. When it comes time to acquire your stainless steel hopper, why should you consider having it fabricated from scratch?

1) Custom-Built Specifications – While you can purchase a steel hopper, your business would likely benefit from a custom-built steel hopper even more. Custom fabricated hoppers can be built to your exact specifications. If you have a unique processing plant, you’ll be able to get the appropriate hopper for your location.

2) High-quality Materials – When you hire McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators for your hopper fabrication needs, you know you are getting a good product. Why? McKean’s Sheetmetal knows that their products are only as good as the materials that they are made with. As a result, McKean’s focuses on using high-quality materials in order to provide you with a product worth purchasing.

3) Custom Additions – If you need a specialised hopper, you aren’t likely to find one sitting on a shelf somewhere. Instead, you’ll have to hire a fabrication team to take care of the production of the product. At McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators, we can custom-build your steel hopper to meet your expectations. Do you need a viewing port? How about a custom paint job to protect against environmental conditions? When you know what you are looking for, McKean’s Sheetmetal fabricators can help make sure that you get it.

Don’t let yourself settle for less. Call our team today in order to get a consultation performed on your next steel hopper order. You’ll be glad that you did once you see your new steel hopper being installed!

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