Understanding the Benefits of Press Brake in Shaping Metals

Blog | April 13th, 2021

Many types of metals can be easily processed by different machines due to their accompanying ductility. One of the machines that can be used in processing metals is a press brake. Press brakes are machines that can bend sheet metals numerous times until the preferred form and shape has been obtained.

During the bending process, the workpiece is often placed between a punch and a die. The punch will then lower onto the workpiece repeatedly until the desired form of the sheet metal is achieved. Many press brakes can now operate with the help of computer numerical control (CNC) machining. There are others, however, that can still be operated by hand.

Whether they are controlled manually or automatically, press brakes can generally provide numerous benefits to manufacturers when shaping metals. Some of these benefits are the following:

Enhanced Efficiency

One of the core benefits of press brake in shaping metals is that it can significantly improve the efficiency of the bending process. Press brakes, especially those that have modern components and operations, can produce almost a thousand bends per hour. They are also lighter and simpler to set up, which can make the manufacturing process of metals to be so much easier.

With over 600 bends per hour, older models of press brakes are still considered to be more efficient compared to other machines that carry out bending operations.

Assured Versatility

Aside from keeping their operations more efficient, press brakes can be beneficial for manufacturers since they can work with different metal materials. Their versatility does not even stop on materials since press brakes can bend custom angles and shapes. Utilising press brakes allow manufacturers to produce products that are needed in building projects, roofing, and HVAC systems.

Improved Precision

Press brakes can be precise, especially when trying to shape and form metal sheets. Some press brakes can easily bend the workpiece to generate a different set of structures since they maximise CNC machining. With the help of computer software, press brakes can ensure that the workpiece will obtain the exact specifications that are being required or requested. Automated press brakes do not even need to find the correct bending angle through trial and error as the computer can already calculate the appropriate elements in conducting the bending operations.

Simplified Operations

Press brakes, especially modern models, can now be used by many operators without any difficulties. Older models of press brakes can only be set up by trained personnel given that the entire process can take a lot of time. Automated ones, on the other hand, can be set up by anyone who is permitted to carry out the process. Even the visualisation and reordering of the modern press brake’s sequence can be done more conveniently thanks to the presence of graphic presentations.

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