What are the Benefits of Laser Cutting in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Blog | January 14th, 2020

For a very long time, there has been a lot of ways on how to cut or fabricate metal. But with the formation of laser cutting, it is now one of the most versatile and effective ways of sheet metal fabrication. Laser cutting works through the use of a high-powered laser beam that is directed along with the material for melting purposes. With the help of major technological advancement, companies have used laser cutting to fabricate metal with a focus on consistency and efficiency.

If you are looking for the best way to fabricate sheet metal, then go for laser cutting. This form of metal cutting can bring you numerous benefits that are suitable for the fast-paced metal industry.

Fast Cutting Speed

Laser cutting is guaranteed to provide the best quality in terms of metal production. Laser cutters can deal with metals at any given thickness since they can cut through the metal with ease. Even if the given metal is thicker than the usual metal used in different industries, a laser cutter can still cut them by adding a little extra time. Aside from thickness, laser cutters can work and operate in both small and large scales. With the right type of laser cutter, you can expect the fastest cutting speed and highest number of finished products on the industry of sheet metal fabrication.

Precise Output

Precision is one of the most important qualities when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. Surely, people would prefer a sheet metal with accurate cuts on its corners and sides rather than one with irregular cuts. A laser beam can burn, vaporise, or melt everything that it touches, dissipating any debris that can affect the quality of the metal. This burning action makes the laser cutting precise and accurate, creating sheet metals with clean edges and a smooth finish. Aerospace parts and medical devices take advantage of laser cutting technology.

Consistent Results

Despite the fast cutting speed of lasers, the use of such metal fabrication method can still yield consistent results across the production. Equipped with modern software and hardware, laser cutting technology in metal sheet fabrication can get you parts and assemblies that are accurate. Creating multiple copies of a metal product is possible with laser cutting. You are guaranteed with a copy that is the same as your original fabricated metal.

Enhanced Versatility

As opposed to other cutting methods, laser cutting technology can cut complex sheet metals through its multi-axis support. Laser beams can cut through different types and levels of thickness of sheet metals. They can also generate complex shapes and layout of metals to fit whatever a client needs. Aside from metal sheets, laser beams can also cut through other materials such as metals, alloys, diamonds, plastics, woods, and glass.

Optimal Energy Usage

What makes laser cutting technology interesting is the fact that its precision, consistency, and versatility do not necessarily equate to higher energy consumption. Laser cutters, with the help of energy-saving technology, only use a minimal amount of energy when cutting sheet metals. They are also environmentally friendly and won’t cost clients a lot of money.

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