Why Choose Laser Cutting for Your Next Metal Fabrication

Blog | March 27th, 2020

Steel sheet metal can be delicate and fragile, especially when it is heated during the metal fabrication process. The process itself can make the metal warp, scrap, and crack. So, choosing the best tools and method for the fabrication of sheet metal must be done meticulously to achieve great or even perfect results.

While different methods of metal fabrication have been introduced to the industries, there is one method that can cut sheet metal without worrying about the issues mentioned earlier. Laser cutting is believed to be the most accurate and fastest metal fabrication method out there. Cutting material of any intricate shape or hole is possible with this method of metal fabrication.

So, for your next metal fabrication, you may want to look for laser cutting as it possesses the following properties.

Leads Times are Shorter

Laser cutting is being utilised by manufacturing industries since it can accurately cut metal at very fast speeds. Laser cutting can easily cut metals that are under 3/8” thick. Thicker metals can also be cut by this method for a slightly longer time. Whatever the metal thickness is, laser cutting can ultimately shorten production time thanks to its ability to achieve the fastest cutting speeds with the help of the right tool, equipment, and method. Fabrication efficiency is also improved with laser cutting since multiple parts can be programmed and cut simultaneously.

Metal Cuts are Precise

Precision is an element that clearly defines and fits the capabilities of laser cutters. The tools and equipment used for laser cutting can produce cuts and shapes out of metal sheets with a high degree of accuracy. With laser cutting, you can expect to have clean edges and smooth finish on your metal fabrication. Aside from precise cuts, laser cutting can also reduce waste during production as there are no excess debris thanks to its capabilities to burn, vaporise, and melt anything on its path. Some applications that maximise precise metal cuts include aerospace parts and medical devices.

Process is Accurate

The whole laser cutting process for sheet metals is regulated by programs that ensure repetitive similar cuts across all metal products. With the help of these programs, laser cutters can widely produce parts and assemblies that are consistent, precise, and accurate. You won’t even tell any difference among all your laser cut products. So, creating multiple copies of the same product will not be a problem with laser cutters, especially if you value consistency and quality.

Energy Usage is Reduced

The technology behind machines is now gearing towards energy and cost-efficiency. Meaning, a lot of tools and equipment are now designed to consume less energy without sacrificing performance and capabilities. Laser cutters are no exception to this technological advancement as they can use around 10kW of power instead of the typical 50kW from other types of cutters. The low energy consumption of laser cutters, as well as their reduced overall waste, makes them good for the environment.

Laser cutting is the best method for your next metal fabrication if you want to quickly produce tons of similar products without affecting quality and consistency. Do you have more questions about laser cutting? Then you can ask us now at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabrication.

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