4 Common Materials Used for Metal Fabrication Processes

Blog | January 15th, 2021

Generally, metals are being utilised by a lot of industries due to their accompanying features and benefits. For one, metals can easily combine with other metals, which can form numerous types of alloys. Parts and components made from metals also have great ductility, malleability, and appearance. Some of them can even resist various damaging elements under extreme conditions and environments.

Metal fabrication, which makes different metal products possible, normally involves cutting, bending, assembling, and other processes that are integral to the production of metal parts and components. To date, there are 4 common metal materials that are often used during metal fabrication processes.

Stainless Steel

One of the most common metal materials that can be easily fabricated is stainless steel. Stainless steel has been popular due to its recyclability and sustainability. It can also resist corrosion, staining, and rusting, making it popular on applications that may be exposed to moisture or water. Some products that can be fabricated out of stainless steel include construction materials, kitchen sinks, cookware, surgical implants, bridges, monuments, sculptures, automotive bodies, and aircraft. Just keep in mind that stainless steel can show smudges easily. It is also not cheap.


Another type of metal material that is being utilised by numerous businesses is aluminium. Similar to stainless steel, aluminium also has great resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. The low weight of aluminium likewise allows it to be utilised in industries that do not need heavy metal components. Moreover, it has great electrical and thermal conductivity, reflectivity, and ductility. One drawback of aluminium, however, is that it tends to be weaker compared to other metal materials. Aluminium can be used in making kitchen tools, window frames, aircraft parts, and many more.

Galvabond Steel

Galvabond steel products are normally produced through the continuous hot-dip galvanised process. This process allows these metal materials to have minimum elongation properties and spangle surface. These steel products can even obtain different coating and sizes, which would ultimately depend on one’s requirements and needs. One type of Galvabond steel, which can remain free from fluting for several months, can be great for manufacturing air conditioning components, metre boxes, scaffolding, and planks. Other variation of Galvabond steel, alternatively, can be useful in automotive components.

Zincalume Steel

Zincalume steel is a type of steel that is intended to meet the demands of the building and manufacturing industry. This type of steel has commended durability, resilience, and sustainability thanks to its patented protective coating, allowing it to be more resistant to scratches and scuffs. Its protective coating can also increase the service life of the steel and outlive other types of metal. Zincalume steel is normally used in creating parts and components intended for the construction industry. One disadvantage of this metal, however, is that it can be less energy efficient due to its shiny surface and appearance.

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