Achieving Significant Savings with Zincalume® Steel

Blog | July 8th, 2021

A wide array of metal materials is now available to accommodate the needed supply of various industries. Most machines, devices, and other equipment pieces today are made from metals. Metals are even used for construction, mining, and power-related purposes.

What makes metal materials great is that they are durable and long-lasting. And with the addition of coating elements, they can effectively resist corrosion and other elements that are known to be damaging to raw metal materials. Metal materials are also eco-friendly and sustainable given that a lot of them can still be collected again after use for reprocessing.

One great metal material that offers tons of benefits to numerous industries is the Zincalume® steel.

Basic Properties of Zincalume® Steel

The Zincalume® steel is a type of special metal that combines aluminium, zinc, and silicon. It boasts a patented Activate® technology that integrates magnesium into its basic composition to significantly improve galvanic protection. This patented technology likewise provides Zincalume® steel with the needed protective coating that can resist scratches, scuffs, and other damaging elements.

All the accompanying features and benefits of Zincalume® steel are made possible since all produced materials are tested vigorously. From laboratory tests to real-world situations, the Zincalume® steel has been proven to be durable and strong enough to meet various industry standards. It even meets AS1397 and other requirements that are included in the Building Code of Australia.

Associated Benefits and Limitations

As previously stated, the Zincalume® steel has a patented technology that allows the material to resist damaging elements from the surrounding during its use and application. This benefit alone makes this type of steel long-lasting and cost-effective since users do not have to replace this material frequently.

Aside from being long-lasting and cost-effective, the Zincalume® steel is also eco-friendly. Just like other types of metal material, this special type of steel can be recycled and used again for various applications. This feature can then help reduce energy consumption and minimise wastes on the environment.

One limitation of this special material, however, is related to its appearance. It has a shiny aluminium colour that can truly boost the appeal of certain structural components and products. However, this specific colour may fade and tend to dull as time passes. Once the colour vanishes, it can easily affect the appeal of a specific part or products.

Purchase Zincalume® Steel Products

A lot of Zincalume® steel products are maximised in making roof components for properties. Hence, any projects that are related to construction may easily take advantage of Zincalume® steel’s associated features. If you need access to Zincalume® steel products, feel free to call us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators. We are a Melbourne-based sheet metal fabrication and steel supply Australian company that is committed to superior customer satisfaction by providing the product you want, when you want it, at an agreeable price. Our products, services and business practices are always of the highest quality, meeting and often exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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