Avoid Unforeseen Expenses on Your Production by Investing in Machine Safety Guards

Blog | April 7th, 2022

Industries that intend to manufacture or process parts and products use machines to keep their operations afloat. One common thing about these machines is they can conduct jobs that cannot be easily done by humans. They are also powerful, making them great for strenuous activities and tasks.

One thing, however, that makes machines dangerous for industrial processes is they can generate injuries and damages to their surroundings. If one of their components become loose or have not been maintained properly, they might end up tossing their parts anywhere. They might likewise hurl the materials they are working on towards nearby people, machines, and structures.

To ensure that these concerns will not happen with your production, you must invest in machine safety guards. Once they are installed, you can expect to avoid the following unforeseen expenses.

Medical Expenses

One unexpected expenditure that your production can avoid through machine safety guards is medical expenses. Medical bills can be huge. Without any machine safety guards in place, your workplace may be at risk of machines going rogue, which can result in flying objects and unreliable machine components that ultimately hurt people. As more employees and other people get into accidents, the number of medical bills can get huge, costing your business a lot of money.

Workplace Penalties

Different standards with regards to machine safety have been created and implemented all over Australia to ensure that workplaces will remain safe and operational. So, you must ensure that all the practises related to machine guarding will be done. Failure to invest in and install machine safety guards can expose your worksite to harm. As your business is inspected, you may be facing numerous workplace penalties that can be hefty as your violation becomes gradually severe.

Lost Time Salaries

Even though your employee is in a hospital recovering from a machine-related accident, you still have to provide a percentage of their salary to minimise the effect of the incident. All these expenses are generated even though that specific employee did not provide anything to your production throughout their healing process. On your end, you still have to pay their salary even though you did not gain any products, which is not a good thing for your business earnings.

Servicing of Machines

The absence of machine safety guards exposes machines to more dangers compared to those that work alongside these safety features. As machines encounter some issues, your workers can easily spot and report them to the higher-ups once some debris or machine components were thrown towards the machine guards. This instance allows operators to conduct a quick servicing of machines instead of waiting for them to get damaged fully.

Lawsuit and Settlements

Perhaps, the highest expenses that you may encounter when skipping machine safety guards would be the lawsuit and settlements. As employees and other people have been or are continuously exposed to harm and danger, some of them might find strong evidence to file you and the management some hefty charges. The combination of court costs and accompanying expenditures can be high. And so, investing in machine safety guards would be a better choice to safeguard your workforce.

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