Custom Fabricated Floor Plates: Functions and Applications

Blog | October 21st, 2020

Many commercial and industrial properties are known for utilising custom fabricated floor plates. Floor plates, which are also known as tread plates, are metal sheets that have raised or embossed lugs in a wide variety of patterns. Most of these plates can be seen with diamond patterns, making them somehow unique and distinctive when seen up close. Line patterns can also be utilised in making these floor plates.

Functions of Custom Fabricated Floor Plates

Custom fabricated floor plates are primarily known for their increased skid resistance, allowing them to prevent any risk of slipping-related incidents around a property. This specific function helps them guide people who are around an area to safety and prevent them from obtaining serious injuries. The number of fall and slip incidents that may occur in the vicinity, especially on the stairs, walkways, and ramps can significantly decrease with these floor plates. Ambulances, fire trucks, and trailers can also maximise this specific function of custom fabricated floor plates.

Another function of custom fabricated floor plates is that they protect wall corners, doors, and other surfaces from getting scratched or dented all the time. The presence of these floor plates, which are normally made from materials that can resist damaging elements around them, allows industries that use heavy pieces of machinery to conduct tasks without worrying about possible damages on surfaces on the surroundings. Even rigorous tasks such as the lifting of heavy products that may suddenly drop on the floor or pushing equipment towards the wall can take advantage of floor plates.

Aside from protecting the surfaces, custom fabricated floor plates can also significantly enhance their overall appearance. Some of these floor plates may come with finishes and textures that can be mesmerising to look at. Additionally, they may have patterns and appearance that can provide a premium feel even though the applications around them may lean towards the heavy-duty ones.

Custom Fabricated Floor Plates Applications

Given these three functions of custom fabricated floor plates, many industries have been utilising them for decades. The applications of these floor plates are abundant that they can be easily seen anywhere.

One place where custom fabricated floor plates can be seen is the surface of vehicles and trailers. These types of vehicles are often used to carry heavy products and equipment. And without any floor plates, their stock floor surfaces can easily get damaged with the loading of heavy products. The addition of floor plates can easily allow heavy materials to not only avoid damaging the interiors of the vehicle but to also stay in place while the vehicle is moving. Risks of slips and falls within these vehicles are also reduced.

Other places where custom fabricated floor plates can be installed are stairways, pathways, and ramps. Places in a property where the foot traffic can get heavy all the time can easily benefit from the installation of these floor plates due to their non-slip texture. And if these places are always exposed to extreme weather, then the addition of floor plates can easily prevent accidents from happening. The number of injuries due to work can be reduced significantly whenever these areas are filled with floor plates.

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