Fabricating Quality Perforated Products: Choose Only Top-notch Metal Fabricators

Blog | October 24th, 2019

Perforated products are extremely important in manufacturing, industrial, architectural, and design applications. Their usage and functionality include architectural fencing screens and infill panels, drying machine baskets, tee and flat plate strainers, filters, cement slurry screens, automobile radiator grilles, sun protection slats, acoustic panels, battery separator plates, sorting machines, and column covers.

However, many are unaware that fabricating quality perforated products also requires the use of top-notch metal fabricators. Metal fabricators are usually machines that perform the cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly of metal to create the final perforated product. Metal fabricators normally centralise the abovementioned processes that are otherwise left in human hands. In other words, they are a great aid in expediting the manufacturing process. And the greatest way to ensure a quality perforated product is by choosing a top notch metal fabricator.


The process of producing perforated products requires a great deal of force and machine strength. Perforating, otherwise known as the method of punching holes in any given material, demands a high-level of mechanical prowess. The metal fabricator used must be capable of generating a great enough penetrable force and tooling. This is to ensure that the metal fabricator is able to withstand the pressure of repetitious blows yet versatile enough to produce a number of desired patterns.


Evidently, there are several machines that are able to produce holes. Such includes turret presses and CNC presses. However, in order to come up with a quality perforated product, you must be certain that your top-notch metal fabricator can do the job. You can know for sure by checking if your metal fabricator is designed specifically to quickly and accurately produce the largest number of holes per hit. This way you will be convinced that your metal fabricator is the most efficient and therefore the most economical in producing perforated material.

Speed and Accuracy

A top-notch metal fabricator must be able to produce as many as 300,000 holes per minute. As mentioned above, they must also accurately produce the largest number of holes per hit. Top notch metal fabricators can also be programmed to automatically leave blank areas, vary holes spacing, create specific margins, and place locator holes. Despite such tedious requirements, these programs must still follow certain guidelines. As it produces multiple designs in a short period of time, it reduces the need for other subsequent production processes. Not only does a top-notch metal fabricator create a fast, accurate and versatile perforated product; it also reduces the production costs in the long run.


After a metal fabricator undergoes processes such as pattern design, distance measurement for holes, panels and parts and material setting, the actual fabrication commences. Much work is performed and many decisions are made before the actual production. But none of them would matter more than the final outcome of the metal fabrication process. Nothing is more important than the result in the specifications of the product because they determine production requirements and directly affect the quality, cost, and delivery.

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