Keep Your Building Safe from Elements with Colorbond Roofing

Blog | April 27th, 2022

Different parts of your property must be made from durable and long-lasting materials so they can last for a long time. One part of your property that you should consider is the roof system.

Your roof system plays a vital role in keeping your property interiors safe from the elements. Installed right above your property, it shields your property interiors from heat, moisture, dirt, dust, and other damaging and destructive elements. But apart from its shielding capabilities, your roof system can also make your property cost-effective since it can improve its outdoor appeal.

One material that you can maximise for your roofing is ColorBond. ColorBond roofs, which are manufactured by Bluescope Steel, have been in the market for more than 50 years. Investing in ColorBond roofing can give you the following benefits.

Appealing Design

One great benefit of ColorBond roofs is they can provide your property with an appealing design. ColorBond roofs can come in at least 22 colour and shade options. They can also be crafted out of varying profiles. Hence, achieving ColorBond roofs with specific shapes, curves, and flat appearances can be possible. They can even be designed to achieve a contemporary or classic appeal. These options allow you to obtain a roofing system that complements the existing design language of your building.

Lengthy Lifespan

ColorBond roofs are made from Zincalume steel base, which is known to be resistant to corrosion, heat, and moisture. They are then baked on a paint finish that can withstand chipping, cracking, and peeling. Other features of ColorBond roofs include a pre-treatment layer, a corrosion-inhibiting primer, and a topcoat of exterior paint with reflective technology. Everything integrated into ColorBond roofs protects them from damaging elements, helping them last longer than other roofing materials.

Lightweight Material

Despite the presence of varying materials, ColorBond roofing can benefit your property since it can be installed right away. Heavy roofing materials can be costly and difficult to install as they require additional supporting components to ensure that they will not damage the property structure. Lightweight roofing material such as ColorBond roofing, alternatively, does not generate these issues since it can be installed without adding anything to your property structure.

Energy Savings

One more benefit of ColorBond roofs is they can minimise the use of energy inside your property. Roofing materials that do not offer proper insulation will only force property owners to use cooling or heating solutions for hours. After all, the absence of insulation will only make a property too hot or cold. ColorBond roofs, on the other hand, can provide heat or cool your property effectively due to their accompanying insulating technology. This technology, known as Thermatech technology, helps the ColorBond roofing reduce heat radiation and insulate the property.

To acquire ColorBond roofing, you can call us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators.

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