Machine Safety Guard Installation: Why Is This An Essential Safety Feature?

Blog | April 14th, 2020

Various manufacturing facilities are equipped with tools and heavy-duty machines to facilitate all types of industrial processes. And since these tools are used every day, facility owners must ensure their optimal capability and performance. One way to achieve this is through the installation of a machine safety guard.

The installation of this specific component can bring a lot of benefits to different industries. But before everything else, let us take a look at some details behind machine safety guards.

What is a machine safety guard?

A machine safety guard is designed to specifically work like a barrier, which separates operators and the dangerous parts of a machine. It covers some parts of the equipment to keep the working environment free from any health and safety hazards. This specific tool is often used by manufacturers to make their tools safer.

Some of the most common types of machine safety guards are fixed guards, adjustable guards, self-adjusting guards, and interlocking guards.

  • Fixed guards: Fixed guards are permanently attached to the machine and cannot be moved while the machine is operating. They are frequently used to surround the point of operation or other hazards that do not need to interact with them.
  • Adjustable guards: Adjustable guards are also permanently attached to the machine. However, they can be adjusted so that the machine can handle different sizes of material. Adjusting them must be done properly to avoid any serious or fatal injuries.
  • Self-adjusting guards: Self-adjusting guards can automatically adapt to the status of the machine. Whenever the machine is not operating, the guards can also standby. Once the machine is being operated, the guards will open and let materials in.
  • Interlocking guards: Interlocking guards automatically shut off the power source when the guard is opened or removed. These guards allow safe access to machine parts without the need to disassemble the whole thing.

How can a machine safety guard ensure safety?

The primary design of any type of machine safety guards can give industries additional safety features for their facilities. One great benefit of using this safety feature is it keeps workers from having direct contact with dangerous parts of the machine. The barrier provided by the machine safety guard can save workers and operators from unexpected shavings, flying shards, or metal sparks when the machine is in use.

Machine safety guards can bring thrown out debris back to the machine, so expect more repairs and maintenance of your machines. However, it would be more costly if the debris is thrown out to operators or workers. After all, you do not want any unexpected operation closures out of violating safety codes and laws. As the owner of the business, you are obliged to comply with the standards indicated by the Safe Work Australia or any other related governing bodies.

As long as you install your machine safety guards correctly, you can expect your workplace to be safe from any hazardous accidents. Your employees can even feel safer with the inclusion and installation of these machine safety guards.

To know the best machine safety guard for your equipment, just give us a call at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators so that we can lay down your options.

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