Primary Features and Uses of GALVABOND Steel

Blog | November 26th, 2020

GALVABOND steel is a type of steel that is fabricated out of the galvanising process. Galvanising is a process of applying a protective coating of zinc to a steel material so it can possess a corrosion-resistant surface. Most GALVABOND steel products carry out this specific process through hot-dip galvanising, which is performed by submerging the products in molten hot zinc.

With galvanisation, it protects the GALVABOND steel products from corrosion and other environmental factors. This process likewise allows these products to be used in applications that would be exposed to corrosive and damaging elements.

Primary Features of GALVABOND Steel

One of the defining features of GALVABOND steels, as stated before, is their ability to resist corrosion. The surface coating that these steel products have acquired due to galvanisation allows them to withstand corrosive applications. And since the surface of these steel products provides them with high-quality barrier and cathodic protection, they can easily prevent abrasions and scratches from ruining them.

Another great feature of GALVABOND steels is that they are guaranteed to possess minimum elongation properties. Elongation to failure is defined to be the measurement of a material’s ductility, which also tells the strain amount of a material before it subsequently fails in tensile testing. Elongation also tells how much bending and shaping a material can take without getting damaged or breaking. GALVABOND steels can easily take a lot of beating before obtaining serious damages.

And as a result of the hot-dip galvanisation, GALVABOND steels can easily acquire a spangled surface. Galvanised steel sheets often acquire a spangled surface, which can appear like a snowflake or a six-pointed star pattern. The presence of this surface allows these steel products to look more eye appealing compared to other steel products.

The process involved in producing GALVABOND steel products adheres to Australian Standards, which makes them suitable for applications that would need them and require them.

Main Applications of GALVABOND Steel

GALVABOND steel products may be further categorised into different types. GALVABOND G2 steel products are hot-dip zinc-coated commercial forming steel that boasts a spangled surface. GALVABOND G3N steel products, on the other hand, are zinc-coated deep drawing steels that also possess a spangled surface. Both GALVABOND G2S and G3NS steel products, alternatively, have their skin passed to further enhance the quality of their surfaces.

Most GALVABOND steel products are fabricated according to the specifications required by builders and manufacturing industries. They even come in different coating masses and pack sizes. Some products that can be fabricated out of GALVABOND steels include tube formed products, air conditioning ducts and panels, metre boxes, partitioning systems, scaffolding planks, cable trays, rendering mesh, feeder troughs, and automotive panels and components.

To gain access to GALVABOND steels, feel free to contact us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators. We are committed to achieving superior customer satisfaction by providing the product you want when you want it and at an agreed price. We can certainly conduct jobs that are fairly simple to something more complex that requires sheetmetal to be cut, folded, or welded to certain specifications.


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