Sheetmetal Fabrication Across Different Industries: Choose McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators

Blog | August 12th, 2020

Almost all appliances, equipment, devices, machinery, and other products that are present and available in our surroundings today are fabricated and manufactured from sheets of metal. Tons of sheetmetal fabrication companies have formed and processed countless metallic parts and components just to keep up with the demand for a wide variety of industries.

The principles behind fabricating metal products have progressed and developed over time. As a matter of fact, the list of industries that use metal as their main material is continuously expanding, which then leads to stronger metal fabrication activities. One reason behind this sudden boom is that sheet metal fabrication has different processes and techniques that can speed up mass metal production. Another reason behind sheet metal fabrication’s popularity is the growing number of metal types that can be processed accurately and sustainably.

To give you an idea, here are some of the biggest industries today that continuously utilise the capabilities of sheetmetal fabrication.

Transport and Automotive

Transport or shipping industry typically requires boiler, tank, and shipping containers just to cater to the needs of transport businesses around the world. With metal fabrication, all the needed assembly parts, as well as the fasteners that will hold them together, are all fabricated easily to manufacture the needed products for this industry. The automotive industry also maximises the wonders of sheetmetal fabrication. From the engine to its whole chassis, almost all vehicle parts are made from fabricated premium metal.

Food Preparation and Storage

Both residential and commercial kitchens and other food-related establishments require equipment and furniture that are safe for food preparation, processing, and storage. Fortunately, sheetmetal fabrication companies can now produce tons of cutlery, tableware, countertops, pans, shelves, trolleys, refrigeration equipment, exhaust hoods, and many more.

Construction and Building

One of the biggest industries that embrace sheetmetal fabrication is the construction industry. For this industry, most parts that are used in supporting and supplying the needed foundation, structural framework, and other enhancements are made from fabricated metals since they are sturdy and can resist fire. Staircases, fire escapes, decks, and other more areas are hugely made from metals.

Hardware and Electronics

All the needed materials and components for almost all industries on this list require hand tools and hardware. And believe it or not, almost all hand tools are also made from sheetmetal fabrication. Screws, nuts, bolts, knives, and other types of fasteners and cutting devices are made from metal. Components of computers, monitors, phones, television, washing machines, saws, and many more machines, appliances, and equipment, are all likewise fabricated out of metal.

These industries, alongside many more industries, have continuously benefited from the convenience offered by sheetmetal fabrication processes. If you want to obtain products, equipment, and others out of metal, then feel free to contact us at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators. Our experienced design team can work with you from the basic ideas through to the manufacture and installation of your finished metal-related work.

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