Steel Hoppers Fabrication Services: What is it all about?

Blog | January 31st, 2019

Have you ever explored a large warehouse or industrial park? You’ll no doubt set your eyes on these massive pyramid-shaped bins dotting the landscape, almost irrespective of the type of industry you are exploring. These bins are known as hoppers. Steel hoppers are conically shaped containers that hold any number of different materials. With insulated walls and an inverse pyramid shape, you can use hoppers to guide the flow of your materials toward the next step of your assembly line. Knowing what hoppers are is one thing, but how do we go about fabricating them?

Hoppers Fabrication Services

In order to create any steel product, it has to undergo a process known as fabrication. A steel hopper isn’t something that we sculpt out of a block of metal, no matter how interesting that visual is. Instead, each individual piece of the hopper has to be fabricated by a skilled technician who is trained to handle the working material. As steel is one of the strongest and most usable materials in the world, we’ll use that as our example when talking about hoppers. Steel fabrication of hoppers is a process that offers a wide array of benefits for clients who are looking to craft enough hoppers to fill their warehouse. Let’s look at a few of those benefits down below.

1) Unique Customisation – Steel is an incredibly versatile material and for that reason, it is incredibly useful in a metal fabrication facility. We can work with steel during the fabrication process in order to customise it to the specific needs of our customers. While steel hoppers all look similar to one another, there are individual traits that can be requested and modified in order to fulfill the specific needs of our customers.

2) Strength & Durability – When we fabricate a steel hopper, we do so knowing that we are making something that will last for a long, long time. Steel is incredibly durable and incredibly strong. What’s more, your steel hopper won’t be beholden to the traditional scratches or wear-and-tear that may manifest in cheaper, weaker materials. Due to the fact that steel hoppers are widely used in agriculture and the food industry, resisting scratches and corrosion are incredibly important. Using steel helps to keep your hopper sanitary and usable in the food industry.

3) Affordability – Finally, steel fabrication is incredibly affordable. Thanks to the fact that steel products can last forever, you won’t have to continually order replacement parts. Your steel hoppers will pay for themselves long before the product breaks down if it ever does.

Steel fabrication is an incredibly important field for a wide variety of different industries. Here at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators, we are ready to assist you in any way that we can. Call today for a consultation.

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