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Blog | April 16th, 2019

When you work in an industrial environment, every aspect of your work site is important. From the type of floor in your building to the roof above you, you need to know that your work site has been optimised for both safety and efficiency. With that being said, sometimes the best upgrades to your industrial building will be the ones that you never think of. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of steel stair treads. We’ll go over the qualities of steel stair treads as well as the direct impact that they can ha on your business, your employees, and the value of your property.

Steel Stair Tread Fabrication

When it comes to the world of steel fabrication, there are very few projects that are simpler to accomplish and simultaneously more beneficial than that of steel stair treads. While you likely haven’t thought too much about the nature of your current stairs, you might be doing yourself a disservice without even knowing it. Steel stair treads are installed in your metal staircases. They provide an array of functional and aesthetic benefits that can immediately make an impact on your property. Let’s look closely at these benefits below.

1) Visual Benefit – Metal stairs have a hard time gaining the ‘attractive’ label. Fortunately, when you get custom fabricated steel stair treads, you can kick up the visual aesthetic of your staircases. These treads add a design element that can pull your industrial stairs together in an effective and functional way.

2) Safety Aspect – Working in an industrial property means that safety must always be the top choice on the menu. When walking up old stairs, you can run into a variety of issues that can lead to danger. Steel stair treads allow for many of those safety issues to be put to rest. Steel stair treads won’t pool liquid spills as they will let them drip below the staircase. These treads are also easy to keep clean and easy to maintain.

3) Durability
– Steel is one of the most popular metals in the fabrication world for a reason. Steel stair treads will last forever if you have a professional fabrication team involved in the process. These stairs will require very little in the way of upkeep and their durability will be unrivaled. If you want to improve your building in an easy way, this is it.

When it comes to maximising the value and safety of your industrial building, you owe it to yourself to consider adding steel stair treads. You can call our team here at McKean’s Sheet Metal at any time in order to learn more about the process.

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