The Significance of Sheet Metal Fabrication in the Food Industry

Blog | June 10th, 2022

The food industry has been one of the world’s most important industries from its beginnings in ancient agricultural and commerce operations. Humans are unable to survive without food. Because of this, the sector is essential to the well-being of the population and the growth of the economy. There is no doubt that metal fabrication plays an important role in the food business.

Metal fabrication has been a vital part of the food business for hundreds of years. Corrosion resistance and food storage safety are only a couple of the benefits that steel has to offer in these applications. Explore these topics in-depth by continuing to read.

Custom-Made Metal Items

The food business strictly prohibits the use of any equipment made of metal that may be purchased in a traditional store setting. In most cases, pre-designed metal parts are manufactured with conventional dimensions, which may or may not fit applications in the best possible way. The production of food involves the utilisation of tools and equipment that are capable of performing exact measurements.

One of the most important reasons why the industry depends on bespoke metal fabrication is that it allows for customization. The production of food requires a wide variety of tools and equipment, some of which include custom carts and trolleys, processing tables, steel tanks, conveyors, and chutes. In addition, customers can design the pieces they require and select the material to use for those parts when they opt for customization. The adaptable manufacturing procedures we have here at McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators allow us to meet any specific metal requirements you may have. You can be confident that we will be able to design items that meet your requirements.

Preparation and Packaging Safety

All manufacturing plants must follow regulations. This also applies to food. The therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) enforces food processing health and safety regulations.

Metal fabrication is critical for food production and safe packaging. It is durable, thus most food processors utilise it. Extreme environmental conditions don’t affect it, making it excellent for food preparation and packaging. Food-grade metal can be fabricated. The material must be washable, heat-, chip-, and scratch-resistant, and should not affect food’s colour, fragrance, or taste. Metal racks, holders, table surfaces, steel tanks, carts, and conveyor chutes can store and deliver food securely despite corrosion or heat. Value-adding metal fabrication allows for high-quality, durable metal goods.

Secured End-Product Distribution

Food must be supplied to distribution outlets at a specific time after processing. Because food spoils quickly, it needs to be delivered as soon as possible to maintain its quality. When shipping food, there are a variety of unanticipated issues that can arise. There are a variety of factors that might lead to traffic delays, such as damaged roads and extreme weather conditions. For food processing industries, metal fabrication is helpful since specialised metal items can be used to safely store the foodstuffs.

Few metal fabricators have the facilities or skills necessary to meet their customers’ requirements for food sector fabrication. Melbourne-based McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators has made significant investments in high-quality stainless steel fabrication facilities suitable for use in the food sector. Metal fabricators here at McKean’s modern production facilities in Melbourne offer a designated clean area for the creation of food and dairy containers as well as production equipment. Contact us today!

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