Month: June 2020

Understanding What Plasma Cutting is All About

Blog | September 14th, 2020

Thermal cutting processes are integral to various industries since they help produce and fabricate products, especially with those that involve metal materials. These processes maximise an energy source so they can heat and liquify specific parts of a metal product. Afterward, the molten material that is liquified by this process is blown away from the […]

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Best Practices for Welding Stainless Steel

Blog | August 28th, 2020

One material that is often used by industries in fabricating their products is stainless steel. It is an iron-based alloy that is comprised of chromium, an element that makes it resistant to corrosion and strong against heat. The inclusion of other elements such as carbon, nitrogen, aluminium, copper, and many more makes stainless steel boast […]

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Sheetmetal Fabrication Across Different Industries: Choose McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators

Blog | August 12th, 2020

Almost all appliances, equipment, devices, machinery, and other products that are present and available in our surroundings today are fabricated and manufactured from sheets of metal. Tons of sheetmetal fabrication companies have formed and processed countless metallic parts and components just to keep up with the demand for a wide variety of industries. The principles […]

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How Sheet Metal Cutting / Shearing Works in Metal Fabrication

Blog | July 31st, 2020

Metal fabrication utilises three different cutting processes to separate or remove material from a piece of stock metal material. These cutting processes are capable of fabricating metal products out of specific types of cut. Some of these processes even produce an open path that separates a portion of the material, while others generate a closed […]

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Metal Fabrication Projects that Make Stainless Steel as the Best Material Choice

Blog | July 14th, 2020

One material that is frequently used in creating products, components, and other related items is stainless steel. Numerous industries utilise this material since it is durable, strong, and appealing. Moreover, this material can readily resist corrosion, stain, scratches, and extreme temperatures due to the presence of a protective surface layer. It can also be fabricated […]

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Guillotine Cutting Services Explained

Blog | June 29th, 2020

Guillotine cutting is a popular cutting method for metals. This type of cutting, which is also known as edge-to-edge cutting, utilises two blades wherein one of them is fixed under the workpiece while the other moves towards the workpiece. To date, guillotine cutting may come in mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic models that can be useful […]

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What are the 3 Common Methods Used for Welding Stainless Steel?

Blog | June 11th, 2020

One common material that is typically welded is stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its durability as it can resist many types of liquid, gas, and corrosive chemicals. It can also withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it a great choice for the pipe and oil industry. Hospitality businesses also utilise stainless steel […]

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Customised Safety Machine Guards: The Importance of High Quality Fabrication Job

Blog | May 27th, 2020

Metal fabrication is a type of metal creation process that involves intricate and complex tasks. From cutting, bending, to the final assembly, metal fabrication requires the use of high-quality machines and equipment to get everything done. Businesses related to metal fabrication works usually invest in efficient, safe, and performance-ready machines like computer electronics, robotics systems, […]

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Laser Cutting Technology and Its Advantages

Blog | May 11th, 2020

One popular fabrication process that is used by numerous industries today is laser cutting. This process utilises a high-powered precise laser beam in cutting and slicing materials into custom shapes and designs. Products out of this technology are often intricate and complex. They also do not need any custom-designed tooling. Laser cutting technology can be […]

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Trailer Fabrication: The Importance of Weld Joint Efficiency

Blog | April 23rd, 2020

Most trailer fabrication works require multiple seam welds for them to be effective. Manufacturers would find the right settings just to achieve high productivity of trailer fabrication. With welding, one crucial factor in trailer fabrication is the weld joint efficiency. What is weld joint efficiency? Weld joint efficiency is defined as the reliability obtained from […]

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